Welcome to Reading Indie! I’m a community college English professor, an occasional book reviewer, and a book enthusiast.

I’ll be writing about books I’m reading and books I’m looking forward to, with a focus on independent presses, weird nonfiction, and books in translation. Looking over my reading stats from 2020, I see that around 2/3 of the books I read were from independent presses and 1/3 were books in translation (with the two categories overlapping probably 100%). My reading is almost half fiction, almost half nonfiction, with a little bit of poetry thrown in there. My favorite novels are strange (and often read like nonfiction) and my favorite nonfiction books are genre-bending and experimental (and often read like novels).

Here I plan to write informally. You won’t find lengthy book reviews but can expect discussions of my latest reading and enthusiasm about the books that will be out soon. I aim to write once a week, although it may be more like every other week or once a month when times get busy.

You can also follow me on Twitter at @ofbooksandbikes and on Goodreads.